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Flexible Loyalty Program: Earn Points. Get Unique Rewards.

Again & Again.

We Reward Your Customer Loyalty

It's simple. Shop more to collect reward points, and then shop again to use them.


Join Our Referral Program Today

Become our advocate by sharing with your friends and receive reward points by incentivizing new customers to start shopping with MySiliconDreams.


Seamless Experience

We give reward members like you full access to our program with a built-in widget that also showcases our rewards to every visitor you invite to our shop.

MySiliconDreams Loyalty Points allows you to earn points and shop with us again to use them. Members earn points by:

  • Purchasing products
  • Sharing our store on Twitter or Facebook
  • Following us on Instagram
  • Celebrating your Birthday
  • Referring to new customers
  • Signing up (it's free and you save on your next purchase)
  • Joining tiers (like gold, silver, and bronze) when you reach point milestones

As you earn points, we automatically notify you by email, reminding you of your current loyalty rewards status. On your birthday we send you a birthday email with bonus points as a small token of our gratitude that we value your support and business.

Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem them for:

  • Percentage of discounts
  • Dollar amounts off
  • Free shipping
  • Custom rewards like limited-edition items, product samples, charitable donations, or anything else we will be creating and offering in the months to come.

Storefront widget

Our Loyalty Points storefront displays a widget on every page of our store to give you access to your membership account. It also shows you how many points you have and how close you are to earning your next reward.

To non-members (your friends), it showcases our program by displaying sign-up rewards and other benefits.


We will roll out our occasional bonus point events or point multipliers to help you rack up more points.

We will also keep you in the loop with an occasional email about one of your best sales of the year adding a points multiplier that gives you an extra incentive to spread the love and save up for that next hot thing you just can't live without.

Referral Program

Share more. Earn more. Spread the word with our easy-to-share referral link you can send to friends and family or share on social media.

We automatically offer incentives to our new customers, rewarding you at the same time for successful referrals, and more!

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