10 Best Women’s Fashion Picks in 2019

"Women around the world are getting ready to upgrade their closets with the latest women’s clothing for 2019 - and your wardrobe can benefit from these new trends.

"The trendy clothes on our TOP 10 list make up some of the hottest fashion trends women will be snatching up over the year."

We will be updating our list of women’s fashion picks throughout the year so that you can always be in the know of women’s top fashion ladies actually want to wear.

So sign up and stay in the know as we start our ten-piece blog series "10 Best Women’s Fashion Picks in 2019". Today our countdown starts with the...

#1. Padded Seamless Sports Bra

As the athleisure trend continues to grow, so will the popularity of women’s sport clothing items. This includes leggings, tank tops, and this seamless bra.

This padded seamless bra can be worn as a standalone piece during a workout or underneath a tank top. It comes in seven colors: beige, black, white, light blue, light pink, light purple, and red.


It also accommodates an extensive range of sizes from S to XXXL. Our highly sought after tank-tops have amassed hundreds of customer sales in the last 30 days so that we secured hundreds more to satisfy your demand.

This bra will likely be popular during peak fitness season in January as well as in the summer months when it gets a bit hotter out. This trend is also due to the continued demand and hottest and fast-growing athleisure niche in 2019.

We're exploring different types of fitness group activities such as running, yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, and other various fitness niches to satisfy the ideal target audience for our products.

We listen closely to our customers when deciding on a niche for our fitness clothing collection. Therefore we ask you to help us find what you're looking for. Is it general fitness or should we focus on a specific niche so we can better cater to our products and marketing activities to you? We can always expand our niche to serve your changing and growing demands over time. But starting with a specific focus allows us to build your needs faster and easier.

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#2. The Cardigan

Sometimes the most popular women’s clothing isn’t flashy, but comfy. And boy does this cardigan look and feel comfy! This is a great coat to have in the cold winter months. It’s one of the fastest-growing women’s fashion clothes too. It has become so popular we had to restock our shelves a third time in the last 30 days just to keep up with the demand.

It comes in 11 colors from red wine to army green. It’s also available in sizes S to 4XL allowing you to sell these items to women of all sizes.

Want to bundle up more women in trendy clothes like this cardigan? Then head on over to our collections and dive in.


#3. Knitted Sweaters

Knit Wrap Sweater - MySiliconDreams

Sometimes, fashion trends are just things that simply became uncool a couple of decades ago, but a simple spin on the design gets them back on track. Knitted sweaters are the perfect example of such trends and are proof that even something as traditional as knitted cloth can look spectacular.

This sweater has a sort of a shawl-look with the multiple layers close to the neck and also a unique one-layer-on-top-of-another design at the bottom. Plus, to add to the chic factor of the sweater, there’s an inverted V opening on the bottom. Apart from the obvious trendy look, it is meant to show off, it allows the sweater to breathe during the winter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a place with a cold harsh climate, or in a region with weather fluctuating between cold and warm, these knitted sweaters are just what you’re looking for.

These sweater come in a variety of different colors featuring army green, red wine, blue, khaki and many more. There are also five available sizes starting from Small and going all the way to XXL. And, like the Stark Family used to say, Winter is Coming and Knitted Sweaters are just what you need to get through them.

#4. Winter / Spring Coat

Classy Slim Windproof Winter Coat - MySiliconDreams

If one of you ladies is keen on giving off a Sherlock Holmes vibe, then this coat is the answer to all your prayers. It’s a pretty clean and sleek coat that is perfect for Spring and Autumn weathers. It’s not super thick and probably won’t be enough to survive tough winters in countries like Canada, but it will be amazing for the time before and after these winters.

The coat comes with a hoodie and long sleeves, hence that sleek look we mentioned earlier. It doesn’t have regular old buttons, but it instead uses a string loop with an interlocking mechanism to keep the two sides together. It comes in four different colors; black, brown, gray and dark gray.

This coat is one of those outfits that looks so good in the picture that you start to think that it won’t look as good when it is delivered to your doorstep. Well, to be fairly honest, you couldn’t be more wrong. This coat is absolutely amazing with its solid color design and we guarantee that it’ll look even better in person than it does on our website.

#5. Shapewear

Breathable Tummy Control Body Shaper-Shapewear-MySiliconDreams

Shapewear shouldn’t even have to be a thing, but with all the body shaming going on these days, a motivation speech isn't enough for women to be comfortable with their bodies. It’s the truth that a lot of females feel uncomfortable with the way they look and even feel embarrassed in public. It doesn’t matter whether they’re putting on weight because of a disease or even after something as natural as childbirth, the discomfort doesn’t go away. If you feel that you’re one of those women, then Shapewear is made just for you.

Shapewear is sort of an undergarment that does double duty and slims you down without having to extensively work on your figure. It tightens the appearance of your stomach and helps you show off a stunningly thin waist.

It doesn’t matter what’s the reason behind you being self-conscious about your body if you ever feel like you’ll be criticized for the way you look, Shapewear is by far, the easiest and quickest solution to your problems.

#6 Ponytail Beanie Hat

Warm and Fashionable Ponytail Winter Beanie-Hat-MySiliconDreams

Sometimes, there are fashion trends that just make you look absolutely adorable. This trend is one of them. It doesn’t look any different from a regular beanie. It does have a cute colorful pattern going around the outer side for most colors, but the main highlight is the space for your ponytail.

You don’t have to ruin your hair just because its cold outside and you have to wear a beanie. You can stay protected from the weather AND look good at the same time. This is primarily a winter product, but it can work during the autumn and spring seasons as well. We mentioned colors a bit earlier, well, this beanie has thirty of them. Yup, you read that right. You have thirty colors at your disposal, and let’s be honest, this isn't the type of hat you’re just going to buy one of. Get your hands on several different colored hats and wow people with your ponytail every day.

#7 Color Block Sweater

Casual Stripe Color Block Long Sleeve Sweater-sweater-MySiliconDreams

Color blocking became one of the biggest trends in late 2018. And, to be fairly honest, it quickly went from being trendy to being a cringe-fest. The whole concept of merging colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel is okay and all, but things got out of hand pretty quickly. Designers came up with horrific dresses that just didn’t do the concept justice. These were just some outfits that forced color blocking out of fashion.

But, with this sleek black and white color block sweater, that trend could very easily come back in 2019/2020. This sweater rocks a great solid black in combination with white on the lower half embellished with black stripes. The long sleeves and the close-cut neck just compliment the whole vibe of the sweater.

This sweater is perfect for moderate winter weathers, but it won’t be ideal for rough weathers. It's best to use this before and after the winter season. But, all thing considered, this sweater is quickly rising in popularity and is being sold faster than an iPhone on its release date. So, what are you waiting for? Nab one of these today or they may sell out and you lose the chance to buy one later on.

#8. Leather Jackets

Classic Perfecto Style Leather Jacket-Jacket-MySiliconDreams

Leather jackets are just something that will never go out of fashion. They’ve been a constantly popular jacket for the winters since probably the 20th Century. This jacket has never lost its trend once and this won’t happen anytime soon. And, following tradition, you can expect to see a ton more leather jackets in the winter of 2019 as well.

This jacket rocks a typical suit collar look that adds a touch of class to the leather material. There are four pockets on the outside with the one on the top right built diagonally. And, to top it all off, there’s a belt design at the bottom which perfectly compliments the whole formal/informal vibe of this jacket.

It comes in four other colors that are black, pink, sky blue and red. But, personally, we’re huge fans of this vibrant yellow color as it’s the type of color that’ll make heads turn from a mile away.

#9. Floral Shirt

Floral & Splice Stripe Shirt-MySiliconDreams

A lot of the products on this list have a rebellious feel to them, well, let’s take things back a bit with this traditional floral shirt. Floral designs are a thing of the past but they may very well be brought back with this trendy shirt. 

The best part about this shirt is that its just as much non-floral as it is floral. The sleeves of the shirt rock amazing white stripes on grey design. The weird part is that this design should never work well with the floral design, but it somehow does. Look at it yourself, this short is just adorable to look at!

This floral shirt is a great purchase for the coming spring. And, we’re a 100% positive that you can rock this bad boy in the next summer as well.

#10. Padded Swimwear

Classic Black Push-Up Bikini-MySiliconDreams

Padded swimwear is quite fresh in the market and will be in peak fashion coming next summer. This piece of swimwear is just a joy to look at and will go amazing with your summer body. This black bikini pair with the top going around your neck looks as sleek and classy as a swimsuit could be. If you’re the type of girl that frequently hits the beach during your free time, then this swimsuit could be the best possible addition to your wardrobe.

What Experts Say About Women’s Fashion Trends in 2019 / 2020

“We think that long and tiered dresses – an expression of romanticism and femininity – will remain a huge trend for 2019/20. We also predict that pure all-white outfits, which effortlessly make sophistication come alive, as well as the blazer, an element that adds character and is capable of transforming every look, will be very popular go-to choices in the upcoming season.”

- Chiara and Gloria Piscedda, Fashion Designers of ChiGlo

“BEIGE is the biggest color, and wearing full monochromatic outfits with the color is how to execute this trend. Soft suiting (matching pants and jacket with a loose almost athleisure fit) is huge and can be worn traditionally with a dress shirt or more modernly with a crop top sports bra underneath. Finally, the ‘Wet Suit’ is a big one this year. Bodysuits, shorts and fitted crop tops in “scuba material” are being worn with regular daywear such as jeans, tee shirts, and hoodies. We’re mostly seeing these pieces in bright neon and primary colors.”

- Heather Loduca, Fashion Stylist

“2019 is going to be all about shorts, short shorts and bike shorts that is. Top influencers and celebs are wearing them everywhere. Even Chanel’s Spring runway show paired bike shorts with blazers for a more chic look. However, if bike shorts just aren’t for you, short shorts, renamed mini shorts, are also making their way back to us for 2019/20.”

- Naomi Ellis, Professor of Fashion at Arizona State University

“Fashion always seeps into bag designs, and I’ve been seeing a few notable patterns during our reviews. I think 2019 will be the year of bold and colorful styles. One of the most chick styles will be ‘loud leopard’ print on everything: think about pairing a leopard printed coat with leopard printed shoes and bags and you already get the idea. If you want to choose more of a low-key style, neon and lavender colors are the way to go. If you want a more feminine look, you’ll love coats and blouses with puffed shoulders. Then again, if you want to go wild, I think the neo-gothic style will return with its dark and moody vibes to shake the world in 2019.”

- Beata Hajde, Co-Founder and Chief Editor at Give me a Bag


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