Reusable Straws, Bags, Bottles and more

Several bars and restaurants and even cities around the world are moving away from plastic straws to lower overall plastic waste. If you’re passionate and socially conscious about making a difference in reducing waste on our planet, consider buying products that prevent on-time use products. One of our biggest challenges is that we've been discarding plastic into our oceans for the past decades. So much so that our marine life, which we depend on for food and oxygen production, is at peril. So if you'd like to support marine life, now may be a good time to start. 

There is a growing number of people, businesses and restaurants who will be turning away from the consumption of plastic straws and move towards something more environmentally friendly like our reusable straws.

Our team at MySiliconDreams has curated a few educational videos about reusable straws that focus on the environmental benefits versus buying a plastic one. We will also update our list of reusable, environmentally conscious products from time to time and encourage you to reach out to us if you have found a product you think would fit into that category. Sign up for our occasional newsletter to stay in the loop.

The MySiliconDreams brand strives to gather more socially conscious products for our customers and phase out items that are not doing our planet well. We will donate a portion of our sales to marine life and other environmental groups to help them clean up or mess so to speak. Rest assured that you too can contribute to being part of the solution with your purchase to the betterment of our society. To check in on how we're doing head on over to the next link below.

Read more on our blog and/or head on over here to get to know more and do more to preserve your environment and help others clean up our plastic pollution in the oceans, head on over to our "The Ocean Clean Up" fundraiser here and be the change you want to see in our world.

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