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 Hi there, 

Thanks for stopping by. This is My Silicon Dream's Influencer and Blogger Relations page.

We would be more than happy to provide you with our reusable valve sports face mask or other bestselling products for your upcoming "Gift Guide", or other promotional activities and collaborations. 

For Influencers with 5K+ Followers on IG
Click this VIP link to activate our shop's "Influencer Management System". Set up your account and follow the instructions to chose your product you'd like to promote. This way we will receive your request and can process shipping quickly.

We highly recommend joining our affiliate team as it yields much higher rewards than one-off collabs and promotions.

For Reporters, Bloggers & Affiliates
If you have an IG channel with 5K+ fans follow the above instructions, otherwise check out our "Influencer Collection" below and choose the face mask or any other item, and let us know by replying to us in an email with the product page link so we can process your order request.

HARO users please refer to our pitch and bio for details on our company and our FAQs for more insights.

Should you feel inspired to share our products more often and earn commissions at the same time, just sign up for our new affiliate partner program and start sharing your personal affiliate code on any and all your social channels today.

If you need any help or have other questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Cheers, your MySiliconDreams Team


PARTICIPATING GUIDELINES in order to qualify for collaboration and receiving free or at cost promotional products.

  • A minimum of 5000 Instagram followers
  • A 3% engagement rate.
  • Screenshots of your IG analytics (gender, traffic, etc.).
  • Screenshot of your Google analytics in terms of your monthly website/blog and email traffic.
  • Screenshot of your current true email subscription rate.
  • Your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile link. You can find, follow, and like FluShields on any social channel.

If you can’t or do not want to provide these metrics, we can offer you to order the products of your choice at cost plus shipping (use code INFLUENCE at checkout). We invite you to join our affiliate partnership program to monetize your efforts now and in the future. 


By placing an order with us and/or accepting to receive our products, you give FluShields and their team permission to use any and all your content creations in this collaborative for your and our promotional purposes. You agree to place a permanent product link in your blog and other social media channels.


FAQs Affiliate Program

Q: Is there any start up cost?
A: There is NO start up cost! You earn commission money, not pay for it!

Q: How can I join the program?
A. Head on over to our affiliate team page and sign in today - it's free!

Q: How can I get paid?
A: You will be paid according to how many products you sell through our platform that we provide to you at no cost. Approaching retail shops is a good idea as they purchase more and repeat product. The commission for each transaction is listed inside your affiliate account dashboard.

Q: When will I receive my commission?
A: You will receive a payment according to your success, either bi-monthly or monthly. The amount on the check will vary according to sales you made! Find more details inside your complimentary affiliate account dashboard.

Q: How many hours per day or week do I need to spend on the program?
A: Time commitment depends on you! This is your project, so you will be the person who decides when and how frequent to promote MySiliconDreams & Breeze Cosmetics products.

Securing customers who purchase repeatedly and in bulk, such as retail shops, will obviously result in higher sales commissions than selling to individuals only.

Sign up to our newsletter & blog (in the footer of every page) to learn more on how to increase your sales efforts effectively and efficiently.

Q: How should I start?
A: Our program has no limitations! You can use your creativity to design how to promote MySiliconDreams and earn sales commissions! Our suggestion would be write a product or kit review, blog about our weekly influencer gifting and giveaway campaigns, or special make-up routine using the very products you purchased from our shop and provide the link to the sale!

Get more tips and marketing tricks by signing up to our affiliate education newsletter & blog in the footer of every page.

Easy? Yep :-)

Q: How can I get the materials?
A: Log into your account and click on "Media", and you'll get access to banners, ads, and your affiliate link!

Q: How can I contact MySiliconDreams?
A: If you have any questions related to affiliate program please do not hesitate to contact us at MySiliconDreams@gmail.com or in the contact box below.

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