MySiliconDreams Product Campaign Briefs

Welcome to the team!

If you want to be an Angel go ahead and use code ANGELS30 to get 30% off your purchases while nudging your fans to take advantage of our 10% discount offer when they sign up in our shop. Start now to get a feel for the flow.

You can do this forever or start earning commissions on everything you sell to your followers and fans - on any social channel, past, current or future posts.

To qualify for our Advocate level just use the images from your chosen product page to warm up your followers for your upcoming product demo & promo.

By the way, to make your and our lives easier, we constantly research and curate successful and trending products in order to be more successful in delivering what our communities want, generate more sales and commission payments to our partners. So let's dive right in...


Here's How It Works

There are three phases to your activity:

A. Order your chosen product. While waiting for 2 weeks arrival*...

B. ... promote your chosen product with our product page images to prime your fans

C. Receive your chosen product and demonstrate in feed and story 


A. Order your chosen product

  1. Choose a product from our curated list, you're interested in collaborating on from one of the categories below. Use code FREEAMBASSADOR at checkout. We only ask to pay for shipping to avoid the growing amount of freeloaders in the recent past. We want to make sure we are growing a mutually beneficial partnership. 

B. Promote your chosen product

  1. Check out our general posting product campaign briefs that pertain to your chosen product type.
  2. Download all images from your chosen product page for your creative.
  3. Post your creative into your feed and story using our caption and hashtags as a guide for your post. Add our discount code TENOFF to incentivise your fans to follow and tag us and their friends.
  4. Point out to your fans that you will be showing the real product to them in a few weeks time to keep them excited. Repetition is key.

C. Receive your chosen product

  1. Receive your chosen product we're collaborating on for free (just pay for shipping). 
  2. Get your own 30% discount code for all items under $30, for future collaborations.
  3. Receive a personalised 15% discount code for your followers, to track sales and gain commissions.

Last, keep collaborating and engaging with us, to gain more followers, commissions and extra surprise bonuses!

Dear advocates and ambassadors, below you will find all the materials and information you will need to write up your post proposals.


1. Phone Case Collabs
  • Campaign brief phone necklace
  • Product Page List
  • 2. Pantone Colored iPhone Cases
    Pantone Phone Case
  • Campaign brief phone necklace
  • Product Page List
  • 3. PS4 Wireless Charging Adapter
  • Campaign brief phone necklace
  • Product Page List 
  • *Products might take anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on demand, availability and your country's international shipping agreements.