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A passion product founded in 2018, MySiliconDreams is on its way to become an internationally-recognized lifestyle brand that empowers self expression.

We are now home to the world's leading creatives and partner with like-minded individuals in the digital space.


Our ambassador program goes beyond being a #SiliconDreamsGirl. You are more dedicated and want a chance to earn tons of shopping points in our ever-growing store.

Get your hands on all the cool stuff we add to our shop (and tell us what you and your followers are looking for) at wholesale pricing so you can show off your latest swag and even make extra cash by promoting our store and products using your personal code that will give your followers discounts and you the earnings you deserve.

We encourage you also to make suggestions on what we should add to our shelves by sharing, engaging and asking your social community what they are craving and thus adding value to your followers.



Choose one of our products from our monthly curated list. Once you've chosen a product, read the campaign brief and based on those guidelines send us a product posting proposal in the sign up message box below.

¬†Submit your entries with links to your social media handles¬†below. Make sure to add the "Applying for MySiliconDreams Ambassador" in the¬†subject/message field. This way we will be able to¬†process your request faster ūüėȬ†

Influencers with more than 5000 real followers apply here.

We can’t wait to have you join our SiliconDreams Ambassador Family!